Why Study to Be a Mystic

The “Why” of Mystical Training  

The world is in a transition from one collective Era of Consciousness to another, higher state of collective Consciousness. We are ushering in the Love-Wisdom World!

Transitions of world consciousness are difficult.  Mystics, prophets and evangelists of the “new” are desperately needed to prepare the public and pave the way for the cosmic Love-Wisdom consciousness, so it may be initiated without the wars or conflicts that have accompanied the arrival of all previous historical spiritual epochs.

You, and others who will have raised their consciousness with this training, are needed to usher in this new Love-Wisdom World.

If enough individuals throughout the world are trained, we help mankind transition smoothly to the beginning footsteps of the next Era of Consciousness, the Era of Love-Wisdom.

Come be with us!

Come be trained!

Come learn and teach!

Come help mankind transition to the new Era of Love-Wisdom

Who and What Person Can Undertake this Training?

Everyone who realizes this need and is willing to undertake this intensive program is invited to undertake this training.

Our Task

Same as does Daniel Clay, the mystics, prophets and “evangelists” of the New Era of Love-Wisdom World Consciousness are tasked with bringing enlightenment to a world desperately in need.

Already at this time, there are those mystics trained by Daniel Clay who quietly and unobtrusively set about their work in all facets of business, industries, governmental bodies, and other such world departments in order to do their part in our now one-global-world. They are currently living and working in the East, as well as the West.

Collectively, we help mankind peacefully transition into this new Era.

You will go there where you are needed.
You will speak there where you are asked to speak.
You will heal upon request.
You will take your place in this world, enlightened and empowered!
You will become a person of Love & Wisdom.


This program is not for those who hesitate or the spiritually “faint-at-heart”.
This program takes enormous dedication and such can only be with a deep yearning of the soul.

Become a Mystic

Your generosity makes this ministry possible.