Most mystics and sages come out the traditional Faiths. Indeed, all religions have their mystics and sages, and it should be no surprise that Daniel Clay is also a bishop of the Christian Faith, and as such he performs the traditional Christian Sacraments and is active with the American Apostolic Church and the Order of the Mystical Rose.

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Spirituality vs Religion

Everyone speaks of finding enlightenment as if they think such is limited to a religion. But there are enlightened individuals of all Faiths and Creeds.

That is hard for some people to believe because they misunderstand, and they think religion is what forms the essence of the being.

But it is the spirituality and the character that form the essence of the being.

Religion is just a mode of worship. It is just a way of expressing what one experiences. People speak different languages, yet they say the same things. People live in different cultures, and they walk different paths, but they go to the same places. They go to the markets. They go to the woods. They go to the museums.

People are all of one race. And people are all of one spiritual essence. Some people are afraid to tread upon spiritual paths. Some people are afraid to learn to meditate. They say, oh, that is of this religion or of that religion. Yet all religions teach some form of meditation.

Why is this so common? It is because in that state of rest, in that state of centeredness, one can find the divine within. And that is a commonality to all Faiths.

So, we are not teaching you a religion when we tell you that we will bring you to enlightenment. If you practice a Faith, continue to practice that Faith, for your religion is your norm of values. But with spirituality absent, you will never live up to that norm of values.

So, you see in your world now politics that are topsy turvy as you are turning from one Age to another. Teachers come and they go. Religions come and they go with the Ages.

But the one thing that never changes is spirituality.

The one thing that never changes is Love

The one thing that never changes is the true essence of the being.

Therefore, we will never tell you, “abandon your Faith”. Rather, we will tell you, “learn—learn to meditate, that you might be free from the world, and that you might be bathed in divinity”.

We leave you with blessings and with peace.

Peace be with each of you

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